Twitter Helped My Writing…#PitMad

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I once thought, ignorantly, that Twitter was just for celebrities. It was nothing more but a vehicle for selfies, mindless tweets, and a location for the bored to burn time. As with all things, I realized that when you make assumptions about technology of which you have no background knowledge, you usually end up short-changing yourself.

Twitter and its vast opportunities starting tugging at my brain while I was researching literary agents. I noticed, and frequently, that most agent websites had a little blue bird that always seemed to perch near the bottom of the homepage. And yes, before you think I’m oblivious to the world with which we live, I knew this was Twitter. What I didn’t know, was why professionals were using it. I was curious. This blue bird was nagging at me, almost as if it were saying, “PUSH ME!” So I did. And it was in that moment that Twitter helped my writing. Enter: #PitMad.

It was in my new Twitter feed, and after a few weeks of following some talented individuals, that I happened upon the name Brenda Drake. I realized quickly that Brenda Drake, who is an author and writer herself, was a writer’s dream. She seemed to be bridging the gap between writer, agent, and publisher through her various Twitter parties.  After some digging, I discovered she puts on a Twitter pitch party called #PitMad. This pitch party is a 12 hour-long pitch fest where agents and publishers watch the #PitMad feed on Twitter. On this feed, writers pitch their books in one hundred and forty characters, and if an agent or publisher is interested in a pitch, they will favorite the tweet. Thus allowing the writer to know the interested party would like a query or manuscript sent to them. Amazing! If it hadn’t been for Twitter, I would have never known about Brenda Drake, #PitMad, or many of the other wonderful events and advice that I have started receiving.

I wouldn’t say Twitter has helped my writing technique, although I did learn quickly to make every word count. One hundred and forty characters is tight! But I would say that Twitter opened a gateway to me. Doors that wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for that little blue bird. Agents, websites, blogs, are all streaming at me with every new person I begin to follow. It’s fantastically overwhelming. I’m not wasting time hunting the Internet for contests and advice anymore, it’s all coming to me, in the form of my Twitter feed. The next #PitMad is scheduled for September 9th, and I’m going to be there with bells on. I hope you will be too!

For more information on Brenda Drake, her various contests, and #PitMad, check out her website:

Additional pitch party info by author Diana Urban’s blog:


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